Wednesday, 11 April 2012

the first timer blogger..b

annyong haseyo...

this is my first time or my first attempt to write about my life and tell it to everyone who want to know.. hehehe... so 'poyo'.. there are many reasons why i create this blog.. first of all, i just want to follow the trend, because all my single friend have their own blog... i mean i want to know is it very fun to have a blog.. secondly, i like writing.. and i want to use this changes to improve my English writing skills... that's why i write my first post in English.. not because i was arrogant or else.. last but not least, i just want to fill my free time with something that are beneficial like this.. the reasons why i choose 'jari jemari runcing' is because my all my finger is runcing2.. hahaha..
OK that all for now... bye..

annyeonghi gyeseyo..